This year DIWALI 2020 may not be in that mood like the rest of the years, but still, we all are making plans. Many of us have started purchasing clothes and a few things for DIWALI. As DUSSEHRA/ DURGA PUJA is also near to us, we Bengalis have started clothes and gifts for our close friends and relatives. Although we all know that there will be no puja outside to visit, no pandals nothing.

Still, these festivals are close to our heart so, this year we will celebrate in our home in our own way. We will pray to Maa Durga to save us in this Pandemic and keep all of us away from such in future. We all are in hope that Maa will take all Evil Power away from us.

We Bengalis used to celebrate our DIWALI with GODESS KALI PUJA. This is the day which is as similar as DURGA PUJA. We used to decorate our home, society and pandles like weeding decoraion. But, this year we are very sad that we cann’t enjoy our festive days in this way. As we Indians are always hopefull in every situations, like that we all will celebrate every festival in our home with our family only by keeping in mind about this Pandemic.

One of the most prominent festivals in Hindu culture – Diwali 2020 is celebrated with much fanfare throughout various communities in the Indian diaspora. Colloquially known as the “festival of lights”, it is generally a five-day celebration wherein families get together, friends indulge in merry-making, light lamps as well as gorge on sweet delicacies. 

This festival is celebrated on Amavasya or ‘no moon’ day and heralds the dawn of a New Year according to the Hindu calendar. It also foretells of fresh beginnings as we open new chequebooks and diaries as well as clean our homes. Whoever said that after every dark night, comes new dawn was surely right on the money!

Not just in India, Deepavali is also celebrated by Indians all over the world with great enthusiasm. In fact, every year the White House also observes the sanctity of this occasion dubbed as the “Indians Christmas” with great honour and respect. Australia and New Zealand embrace this glorious celebration with a carnival mood including fairs, exorbitant performances and cultural shows. Diwali, a diminution on its Sanskrit name of Deepavali, is also popularly celebrated in other corners of the world like Malaysia, Fiji, Singapore and Europe.

In most of the regions, Lord Ganesha, who is the god of wisdom and auspiciousness is worshipped on the day of Diwali 2020. Diwali marks the anniversary of Nirvana or liberation of Mahavira’s soul in Jainism. In West Bengal, Diwali is celebrated to worship goddess Kali, who is the goddess of Shakti, means power and energy.

As with other Indian festivals, Diwali 2020 signifies different things to people of different religions, across the country and is celebrated in a unique manner. Opt for taking an expedition to the charming lands of North India or egregious locales of the South, as they welcome this divine festival.

North India celebrates Diwali as Lord Rama’s homecoming to Ayodhya after defeating the Rakshasa King of Lanka, Ravana. One can witness the exuberance and splendour of this festival at hotels in Shimla, Haridwar and experience other Northern delights. Revel in the miraculous ambience and undertake a soul-enriching journey, this vacation

On the other hand, Western India celebrates this festival for over a fortnight and honours Goddess Lakshmi, a harbinger of wealth. States like Maharashtra and Gujarat welcome tourists with their authentic traditional flavour and legendary spirit. Many hotels in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune and Surat offer special offers and discounts for the visitors. 

Bengal and East India go a different way, as Diwali is associated with Goddess Kali and diyas are lit to commemorate the souls of departed ancestors. Typically, Southern India celebrates the festival of lights for three days with festive exuberance, eclectic garbs and a mellifluous tone. Observe the faux blanket of glitterati adorning the skies and let the feel of the beatific countryside in God’s own country and Garden City, seduce you.

However, Diwali 2020 is not just about burning candles, fireworks and gambling but also rediscovering your inner peace. Hang lanterns this Diwali2020 keeping in mind that they signify God’s grace and bathe your home in such luminescence that there is no place for any darkness. Make this holiday truly momentous and savour the differing tastes and cultures of India. May this festival of lights bring you peace, prosperity, success, health and great happiness! Happy Diwali!


CONCLUSION: I wish this Diwali can bring real light in our life. Friends Start doing shopping for DIWALI 2020.

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